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From its start in 2015, South Davis Psychological has been founded upon the idea that when people feel safe and understand themselves better, they tend to feel more in control of their actions, gain more satisfaction in relationships and live with a greater sense of contentment and purpose. All of our staff believes that each client deserves individual attention. Our primary focus is quality of care and bringing our national-level of expertise to our locally based patients.

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Jon Ahern Ph.D.

I specialize in helping adults overcome trauma, depression, anxiety and problems in relationships. I am EMDR certified and strive in all my work to help people feel safe, less alone and worthy of understanding

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Jon Ahern Ph.D.

Jon Ahern Ph.D.

We Specialize In

In this type of therapy, you will get to meet one-on-one with our licensed therapists to better understand your feelings, actions, and challenging past experiences.  Successful individual therapy will allow you to better understand yourself, your relationships, and to make meaningful life changes.

In couples therapy, you and your significant other meet with a trained couples therapist. Receiving therapy as a couple has several benefits.  It can help you better understand how you feel about your relationship. It can also help you resolve issues and deepen your connection to your significant other.  Couples therapy not only benefits the couple but can also contribute to individual growth.

Family therapy is a great way to improve family relationships, mental health, and reduce conflict in the home.  A trained therapist can help each family member, and the family as a whole, to make adjustments that will improve their personal well being and the well being of the family. Family therapy is often a key part of therapy with children.

Neurofeedback uses an EEG reading that measures brain waves and activity.  Our trained therapists can then identify what is occurring and can help the patient with self-regulation of brain function.